Pediatric Palliative Care

  • Betty Davies Rose Steele Jennifer Baird
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Pediatric Palliative Care: A Model for Exemplary Practice lays out a road map for healthcare providers interested in optimizing care for seriously ill children and their families. Grounded in clinical practice and the study of positive rather than problematic encounters between providers and parents, the book presents an evidence-based model of exemplary interaction. Chapters offer a clear understanding of the complex, holistic process of interaction between providers and parents, as well as the personal and professional knowledge and skills needed to interact in optimal ways. This is a one-of-a-kind guidebook for healthcare providers interested in (re)discovering how to maximize positive outcomes for both families and providers. It's also a valuable source of inspiration for educators, supervisors, and hospital administrators who want to facilitate personal and professional development and create supportive environments for students, providers, seriously ill children, and their families.
1. Introduction to Interaction 2. Metaphor and Overview of Model of Exemplary Interaction 3. Worldview, Values, and Commitment to Authentic Engagement 4. Process of Attuning 5. Direct Care Activities 6. Connecting Behaviors 7. Personal Influencing Factors 8. Pediatric Health Care Provider/Parent Relationships 9. Setting and Teamwork Contextual Factors 10. Institutional and Societal Contextual Factors 11. Output From Exemplary Interaction: A Milieu of Mattering 12. Implications of the Model of Exemplary Interaction
"Pediatric Palliative Care is an incredible resource for those interested in or working with pediatric palliative-or in general palliative care. Coming from years of experience in the field, the authors provide essential and timely suggestions for practitioners. Simply put, this book is bound to be a classic!" Kenneth J. Doka, PhD, senior consultant, The Hospice Foundation of America, USA "A new way of looking at the age-old issue of how to best care for ill children and their families is just what is needed-and is exactly what you will find here. This is an evidence-based and creatively engaging read that skillfully uses the image of a windmill to connect the science with the heart of best clinical practice." Stephen Liben, MD, professor of pediatrics, McGill University, Montreal, Canada "Firmly grounded in qualitative research and clinical insight, this book offers a model that illuminates the components of exemplary interaction. It is a call for the humanization of care and a tribute to clinicians who excel in their interactions with families, educators who teach human-to-human care, and health administrators who seek to create a culture of optimal care that sustains both families and health care providers." Danai Papadatou, PhD, professor of clinical psychology, Faculty of Nursing, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece "This unique book analyzes what is good in health care behaviors to show what goes into authentic engagement and exemplary interaction. These lessons from pediatric palliative care apply across a wide range of settings, cultures, and disciplines. An exceptional contribution to improving health care, highlighted by a distinctive windmill model." Charles A. Corr, PhD, professor emeritus, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9780367365684
Serie Series in Death, Dying, and Bereavement
Verschijningsdatum 22 dec. 2021
Omvang 248
Auteur(s) Betty Davies Rose Steele Jennifer Baird
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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