Performance of Practice

Enhancing the Repertoire of Therapy with Children and Families

  • Jim Wilson
€ 27,46
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This book is about how to maintain an aliveness to the possibilities in therapy and practice and how to challenge ideas of orthodoxy in theory and methodologies that can become stale or followed like religions.
Series Editors' Foreword -- Foreword -- Introduction -- Enhancing the Repertoire of Theory -- Pride and prejudice in family therapy theories -- Enhancing the Repertoire of Practice -- The emergence of Systemic Focused Drama: creating a sense of occasion -- Situating Systemic Focused Dramas -- Systemic Focused Drama: modes and applications -- Stories and their performance -- Enhancing the Use of Self in Practice -- The therapist and the performance of practice -- Six Scales for Reflection on practice -- As the curtain falls . . .
'This is Jim Wilson's second book in our series. He might call it his second act. His first book, Child Focused Practice, was very popular because it offered practical approaches to working with children for practitioners from diverse backgrounds. This current volume is written in the same spirit but takes his thinking and techniques into new areas. He is interested in two things: how therapists can release more of their own creativity when working with children and how they can use enactment to explore difficult family emotions.'The influence of systemic thinking on the family therapy world has often led to theories and techniques that have often overlooked the value of simply talking to and playing with children. This book goes some way to redressing that balance. It is loaded with examples of conversations with children, playful metaphors, enacted scenarios of traumatic events, and discussions that connect children to the other relationships in the family. The sheer pleasure Wilson gets from working directly with children is evident throughout the book and he is clearly drawing on his personal style, yet the book does not neglect the theorising that helps answer the question of why Wilson does what he does and why it is effective.'- David Campbell and Ros Draper, from the Series Editors' Foreword'For me reading this book was a relief. I came across so many things close to my own experience...I felt not so alone anymore. And it makes me wonder - why didn't I read these things before, in all these other books about family therapy?...With this pioneering effort he opens up a new domain for discussion and reflection in the family therapy field: the therapist's experiences in the session. I hope the readers of this book will appreciate the originality of the book and the courage of the writer.'- Peter Rober, from the Foreword
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9781855755260
Serie The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series
Verschijningsdatum 31 dec. 2007
Omvang 208
Auteur(s) Jim Wilson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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