Photography in Clinical Medicine

  • Paola Pasquali
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  • Verwacht 17 november 2020
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This book explains how medical photography is part of the workflow in many specialties: it is needed for registries, to preserve information, for follow up, second opinion and teaching, among others. The book gathers information on this field, providing valuable practical tips for those that have never used photography for medical uses as well as those who use it regularly. Covering specialities ranging from dermatology, plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology and endoscopy to forensic medicine, specimen photography and veterinary medicine, it highlights standardization for each procedure and relevance to ethical, patients' perception of medical photography, cybersecurity and legal aspects. The book also presents practical sections explaining how to organize a photographic file, coding, reimbursement, compliance, use of social media and preservation as well as in depth concepts on sharp focus on blurred vision. This volume will appeal to all clinicians and practitioners interested in acquiring a high level of technical skill in medical photography.
SECTION I: History of Medical Photography and its ancestors.- 1. Medical iconographic representations in the pre-photographic era.- 2. The Dermatology Photographic Ancestors.- 3. History of Veterinary Illustration.- 4. History of Medical Photography.- Section II: Approaching the subject.- 5. Treating with patients: the photographic approach.- 6. Doctors as subjects. Medical Imaging in Personal Branding.- SECTION III: Equipment and how to use it.- 7. Basic equipment.- 8. Basic photographic concepts.- 9. Smartphone medical photography.- SECTION IV: Special Cameras.- 10. 3D Photography Digital imaging software, stitching and stacking.- 11. Panoptic Camera.- SECTION: V Color.- 12. Understanding color.- 13. Color calibration.- SECTION VI: Photography in Dermatology.- 14. Standardizing images in dermatology Magnification Ratio.- 15. Nail and Hair photography.- 16. Digital Dermoscopy images.- 17. Total Body Photography.- 18. Dermatological Imaging - a Survey of Techniques.- SECTION VII: Photography in other medical specialties.- 19. Photography in Plastic Surgery.- 20. Photography in Ophthalmology.- 21. Photography in Dentistry.- 22. Laboratory imaging.- 23. Photography in Pathology. Photographing procedures.- 24. Photo- Endoscopy.- 25. Forensic Photography.- 26. Veterinary Photography.- SECTION VIII: Special Settings.- 27. Setting up a photographic medical studio.- 28. Intraoperative photography.- SECTION IX: Photographing the invisible.- 29. Beyond the visible - UV, IR and fluorescence imaging of skin.- 30. Thermography.- SECTION X: After photography: whats next.- 31. Storing images.- 32. Metadata issues, DICOM standard.- 33. Coding, reimbursement.- 34. HIPPA/PHI Compliance.- 35. Submitting images for publication.- 36. Conservation, restauration and digitalization of medical images.- 37. Imaging archives for teaching, learning & research.- SECTION XI: Ethical and Legal Aspects.- 38. Ethical aspects.- 39. Legal considerations.- SECTION XII: Becoming a Medical Photographer.- 40. Formal training for the medical photographer.- SECTION XIII: Photography and the Web.- 41. Cyber security. Medical Photography and Social Media.- SECTION XIV.- 42. Deep learning performance for triage and diagnosis.- 43. Philosophy in Image analysis: Fuzzy Pictures as Philosophical Problem and Scientific Practice.- 44. Future of imaging.- Glossary of Terms.
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9783030245436
Verschijningsdatum 17 nov. 2020
Editie 1st ed. 2021
Auteur(s) Paola Pasquali
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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