Pocket Essentials of Clinical Surgery PDA Software

  • Peter M. Dawson
€ 32,33
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This is the PDA version of "Pocket Essentials of Clinical Surgery", which is a brand new edition to the growing "Pocket Essentials" series. Under the overall editorship of Kumar and Clark this series provides students and junior doctors with concise, practical texts in the major medical specialties. As well as core information, all books in the series include emergencies, practical procedures and self-assessment. It covers all aspects of general surgery and is ideal for revision and examination preparation. It is also a portable and convenient mini textbook for medical students, house officers and trainee surgeons. The book version is ISBN 0702026336; a pack is also available of both the PDA CD-ROM and the book (ISBN 0702028061).
SECTION I: Introduction: 1.General issues and legal aspects; 2.Overview of surgery. SECTION II: The general surgical take: 3.Care of the critically ill surgical patient; 4.Trauma; 5.Common surgical emergencies. SECTION III: The surgical specialties: 6.Surgical oncology; 7.Upper gastrointestinal disease and disorders of the small bowel; 8.Hepatobiliary disease; 9.Colorectal disorders; 10.Breast disease; 11.Endocrine surgery; 12.Transplant surgery; 13.Vascular and endovascular surgery; 14.Cardiothoracic surgery; 15.Hernia; 16.Urology; 17.Paediatric surgery; 18.Plastic surgery; 19.Orthopaedics; 20.Disorders of the eye; 21.Ear, nose and throat; 22.Neurosurgery. SECTION IV: Practical skills in surgery: 23.General operative principles; 24.Simple practical procedures; 25.Important steps in common operations. SECTION V: Self-assessment: 26.True/False questions and answers.
- Clear and colourful and easy on the easy to read
- Concise and easy to follow and good for using on wards
- Good use of diagrams and tables which are easy to follow, especially
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780702028151
Serie Pocket Essentials S.
Verschijningsdatum 1 dec. 2007
Auteur(s) Peter M. Dawson
Taal Engels
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