Professional's Guide to Health and Wellness Coaching

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Serves as a study tool, comprehensive information resource, and a career guide. This textbook thoughtfully blends the art and science of behaviour change with an in-depth understanding of the powerful role lifestyle medicine plays in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. By providing a more complete picture of the knowledge, skills and professional responsibilities of health coaches, it functions as a trusted career resource that can be utilized by any current or future professional. Core material for ACE Health Coach Certification Exam preparation. Helps develop knowledge and skills for implementing behaviour change, as well as an understanding of the professional responsibilities of health coaches. Serves as both a comprehensive training resource and career guide. Includes content written by fitness and industry leaders, colour photos and up-to-date statistics.
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9781890720711
Verschijningsdatum 30 jan. 2019
Omvang 576
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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