Progress in Radiopharmacy

  • P.H. Cox Steven J. Mather C.B. Sampson
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The contents of this volume are based upon presentations made to the Second European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals which was held in St. Catharine's College Cambridge in March 1985. This meeting was organized by the Radiopharmacy Group of the British Nuclear Medicine Society under the auspices of the European Joint Committee on Radio pharmaceuticals of the ENMS / SNME. The Joint Committee acknowledges the special effort which was made by the local organizers to prepare this meeting the quality of which is undoubtedly reflected in the proceedings. The wide ranging aspects of Radiopharmacy are reflected in this volume which not only deals with specialized topics, such as aerosols and biodistribution studies, but which also deals with the professional aspects of Radiopharmacy Practice. We are of the opinion that this book complements earlier publications to give an ongoing picture of the practice of Radiopharmacy and the state of the art in Europe. As well as acknowledging the contribution of the British Radiopharmacists I would also mention the support of my co chairman Prof. Dr M.G. Woldring, the members of the Joint Committee and last but not least Mrs. M. Busker, who prepared the camera ready copy. P.H. Cox Co-ordinating Chairman European Joint Committee on Radiopharmaceuticals Rotterdam XI CCNrRIBUTORS Anderson, M.L. - Pharnacy department, London Hospital London, UK. Angelberger, P. - Osterreichische Forschungszentrum Seibersdorf GmbH, Wien, Austria. Claessens, R.A.M.J. - Department of Nuclear Medicine, St. Radboud Ziekenhuis, Nijrnegen, The Netherlands.
I. Generator Systems for Ultra-Short-Lived Radionuclides.- Generators for ultra-short-lived radionuclides. Their potential and limitations.- The current status of the Os-191?Ir-191m generator.- Pharmaceutical aspects of Krypton-81m generators.- The Yttrium-87/Strontium-87m generator. A new approach to its preparation.- II. Positron Emitting Radiopharmaceuticals.- Positrons from generators.- Production of positron emitting radionuclides using cyclotrons.- III. Radiochemistry.- Cu(I) supported isotopic exchange of arylbound iodide, new future for fast high yield labelling.- Iodine labelled 5-iodo-2-thiouracil as a melanoma seeking agent: a potential drug for diagnosis and treatment.- The synthesis and biodistribution of a radioiodinated GM1 ganglioside derivative.- Advances in radiochemistry of Tc-99m.- New aspects of complexation of technetium with DTPA ligand.- Indium chemistry in radiopharmaceutical development.- New radiohalogenation: an overview.- IV. Recent Developments in Radiopharmacy Practice.- Computers in radiopharmacy.- New developments in radiopharmacy. Dispensing techniques.- Radiopharmacy information and reporting systems. An overview.- Training and education of pharmacists for radiopharmacy.- Quality control of radiopharmaceuticals: Recent developments in analytical techniques.- A multicentre evaluation of techniques for determination of the radiochemical purity of Tc99m-DTPA.- Implications of new imaging techniques for radiopharmacy.- V. Biological Fate of Radiopharmaceuticals.- Biological fate of renal agents.- Tc99m bone seeking phosphate compounds: Studies on in vivo and in vitro behaviour.- Colloids for functional studies of the reticuloendothelial system. Quality control and biological behaviour.- In vivo behaviour of radiopharmaceuticals for myocardial imaging and metabolic studies.- Incorporation dosimetry of I-131-meta-iodobenzylguanidine (I-131-MIBG).- VI. Radionuclides in Drug Formulation Studies.- Radionuclides in drug formulation studies.- Syringe extractables: Effects on radiopharmaceuticals.- Radiolabelled antibodies as radiopharmaceuticals.- The radiolabelling of monoclonal antibodies with In-111 and their application in vivo for detection of thyroid metastases.- Production, quality control and clinical application of In-111-labelled anti-tumour monoclonal antibody.- Characterization of blood-borne radiolabel and detection of anti-mouse IgC antibodies in cancer patients receiving radiolabelled monoclonal antibody for diagnostic immunoscintigraphy.- Protein based radiopharmaceuticals: Applicability of polyacryl-amide gel electrophoresis in the quality control of labelled protein preparation.- VII. Radiopharmaceutical Aerosols.- Inhaled aerosols: Deposition and clearance.- Radioaerosols: Production and characteristics.- Lung perfusion then ventilation using a Tc-99m aerosol: Experiences with a commercial system.- Author index.
Uitgavejaar 1986
ISBN 9780898388237
Serie Developments in Nuclear Medicine
Verschijningsdatum 31 okt. 1986
Omvang 616
Editie 1986 ed.
Auteur(s) P.H. Cox Steven J. Mather C.B. Sampson
Reeksnummer 10
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