Psychoanalysis and the Family in Twentieth-Century France

  • Richard Bates
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In the last quarter of the twentieth century, if French people had a parenting problem or dilemma there was one person they consulted above all: Francoise Dolto (1908-88). But who was Dolto? How did she achieve a position of such influence? What ideas did she communicate to the French public? This book connects the story of Dolto's rise to two broader histories: the dramatic growth of psychoanalysis in postwar France and the long-running debate over the family and the proper role of women in society. It shows that Dolto's continued reputation in France as a liberal and enlightened educational thinker is at best only partially deserved and that conservative and anti-feminist ideas often underpinned her prominent public interventions. While Dolto retains the status of a national treasure, her career has had far-reaching and sometimes harmful repercussions for French society, particularly in the treatment of autism. -- .
Introduction: Doltomania 1 Family neuroses: psychoanalysis in interwar France 2 Dutiful daughters: Francoise breaks free? 3 Humanism, holism and guilt: Dolto, psychoanalysis and Catholicism from Occupation to Liberation 4 Family politics: popularising psychoanalysis 1945-68 5 Autism, antipsychiatry and the pathogenic family: Dolto and the psychoanalytic approach to autism in France 6 Radio star: psychoanalysis in the public sphere, 1968-88 Afterword Index -- .
'Richard Bates's cultural history of the life and work of Francoise Dolto establishes her rightful place at the centre of the psychoanalytic revolution in twentieth-century France, stressing her significant influence on the broader popularity of psychoanalysis and the manner that French parents navigated social transformations after the Second World War. A must-read to understand the intersection of gender, family and disability in French psychoanalysis.' Jonathyne Briggs, Professor of History, Indiana University Northwest -- .
Uitgavejaar 2022
ISBN 9781526159625
Serie Studies in Modern French and Francophone History
Verschijningsdatum 25 jan. 2022
Omvang 272
Auteur(s) Richard Bates
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels

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