Psychological Significance of the Blush

  • W.Ray Crozier, Peter J. De Jong
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The blush is a ubiquitous yet little understood phenomenon which can be triggered by a number of self-conscious emotions such as shame, embarrassment, shyness, pride and guilt. The field of psychology has seen a recent surge in the research of such emotions, yet blushing remains a relatively neglected area. This unique volume brings together leading researchers from a variety of disciplines to review emerging research on the blush, discussing in depth issues that have arisen and stimulating new theorizing to indicate future directions for research. Topics covered include: the psychophysiology of the blush; developmental aspects; measurement issues; its evolutionary significance and the role of similar colour signals in the social life of other species; its relation to embarrassment, shame and social anxiety; and the rationale for, and clinical trials of, interventions to help people suffering from blushing phobia.
1. The study of the blush: Darwin and after W. Ray Crozier and Peter J. de Jong; Part I. The Nature of the Blush: 2. Psychophysiology of the blush Peter D. Drummond; 3. Measurement of the blush Ruth Cooper and Alexander L. Gerlach; Part II. Theoretical Perspectives on the Blush: 4. Psychological theories of blushing Mark R. Leary and Kaitlin Toner; 5. Colours of the face: a comparative glance Jan A. R. A. M. van Hooff; 6. Self-conscious emotional development Hedy Stegge; 7. A biosocial perspective on embarrassment Ryan S. Darby and Christine R. Harris; 8. The affective neuroscience of human social anxiety Vladimir Miskovic and Louis A. Schmidt; Part III. The Blush in Social Interaction: 9. The interactive origins and outcomes of embarrassment Rowland S. Miller; 10. Performing the blush: a dramaturgical perspective Susie Scott; 11. Blushing and the private self W. Ray Crozier; 12. Signal value and interpersonal implications of the blush Peter J. de Jong and Corine Dijk; Part IV. Blushing Problems: Processes and Interventions: 13. Red, hot and scared: mechanisms underlying fear of blushing Corine Dijk and Peter J. de Jong; 14. Psychological interventions for fear of blushing Michelle C. Capozzoli, Imke J. J. Vonk, Susan M. Bogels and Stefan G. Hofmann; 15. Psychological aspects of rosacea Peter D. Drummond and Daphne Su; Conclusions: 16. Conclusions, what we don't know and future directions for research W. Ray Crozier and Peter J. de Jong.
Uitgavejaar 2012
ISBN 9781107013933
Verschijningsdatum 31 dec. 2012
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Redactie W.Ray Crozier, Peter J. De Jong
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