RadCases Plus Q&A Nuclear Medicine

  • Daniel Appelbaum John Miliziano Anup Alexander
€ 66,72
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Essential nuclear medicine cases and board-type Q&A review to help you pass your exam! Recently, the field of nuclear medicine has witnessed an unprecedented explosion of new clinical diagnostic tracers, radionuclide therapies, hardware, and molecular imaging paradigms. This second edition of RadCases Plus Q&A Nuclear Medicine by Daniel Appelbaum, John Miliziano, Anup Jacob Alexander, and Yong Bradley reflects these advances, presenting 100 new cases and 500 high-quality images. The book covers a wide spectrum, from classic topics, such as thyroid, bone, parathyroid, and renal scans, to the paradigm-shifting concept of "theranostics." For maximum ease of self-assessment, each case begins with the clinical presentation on the right-hand page; study that and then turn the page for imaging findings, differential diagnoses with the definitive diagnosis, essential facts, pearls and pitfalls, and more. Key Highlights The latest radionuclide therapies to treat cancers of the prostate, neuroendocrine system, and liver Discussion of up-to-date diagnostic and therapeutic PET radiotracers, theraspheres/sirspheres, and new cardiac applications for PYP SPECT Recently described important artifacts such as WBC and FDG microemboli, white fat hypermetabolism, and the potentially confusing inflammation patterns in FDG PET associated with emerging cancer immunotherapies Timeless topics include radiation handling/safety and resolving camera imaging errors Thieme's RadCases means cases selected to simulate what you will see on your exams, rounds, and rotations. RadCases helps you to identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case, including the most critical. The series comprehensively covers the following specialties: Breast Imaging * Cardiac Imaging * Emergency Imaging * Gastrointestinal Imaging * Genitourinary Imaging * Head and Neck Imaging * Interventional Radiology * Musculoskeletal Radiology * Neuro Imaging * Nuclear Medicine * Pediatric Imaging * Thoracic Imaging * Ultrasound Imaging Each RadCases second edition has a code allowing you one year of access to Thieme's online database of cases: the 100 cases in this book plus 254 cases more. Master your cases, pass your exams, and diagnose with confidence: RadCases!
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Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9781626232563
Serie Radcases Plus Q&A
Verschijningsdatum 17 aug. 2020
Omvang 268
Editie 2nd New edition
Auteur(s) Daniel Appelbaum John Miliziano Anup Alexander
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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