Recent Advances in Animal Virology

  • Yashpal Singh Malik Raj Kumar Singh Mahendra Pal Yadav
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This book discusses the prominence and implication of the viral diseases that are a major threat to animals around the globe. A number of these diseases have also shown links with human populations, which has implications for public health. This book offers detailed and up-to-date information on viral diseases in livestock and poultry that were and/or are still a problem. Including cutting-edge developments, it also highlights several landmark contributions in the field of virology from India. Additionally, the book features tables and figures showing important clinical data and recommendations, with references for further information. It also explores the economic impact of viral diseases for farmers and the livestock industry, providing several examples. Further, it presents the latest information on viral diseases in global context, with a focus on state-of-art, molecular tools for the development of diagnostics, prophylactics and therapeutics. Lastly, the book also describes the challenges posed by the emerging and transboundary viral infections and our preparedness to counter them.
Module 1_ Introduction.- Module 2_ Pox viruses.- Chapter 2.1. Background.- Chapter 2.2. History.- Chapter 2.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 2.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 2.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 2.6. Transmission.- Chapter 2.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 3_Herpes viruses.- Chapter 3.1. Background.- Chapter 3.2. History.- Chapter 3.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 3.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 3.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 3.6. Transmission.- Chapter 3.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 4_Papillomaviruses.- Chapter 4.1. Background.- Chapter 4.2. History.- Chapter 4.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 4.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 4.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 4.6. Transmission.- Chapter 4.6. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 5_Adenoviruses.- Chapter 5.1. Background.- Chapter 5.2. History.- Chapter 5.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 5.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 5.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 5.6. Transmission.- Chapter 5.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 6_Parvoviruses.- Chapter 6.1. Background.- Chapter 6.2. History.- Chapter 6.3.Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 6.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 6.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 6.6. Transmission.- Chapter 6.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 7_Circoviruses.- Chapter 7.1. Background.- Chapter 7.2. History.- Chapter 7.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 7.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 7.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 7.6. Transmission.- Chapter 7.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 8_Reoviruses (Orbiviruses, Rotaviruses, Reovirus).- Chapter 8.1. Background.- Chapter 8.2. History.- Chapter 8.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 8.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 8.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 8.6. Transmission.- Chapter 8.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 9_Birnaviruses.- Chapter 9.1. Background.- Chapter 9.2. History.- Chapter 9.3.Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 9.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 9.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 9.6. Transmission.- Chapter 9.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 10_Picobirnaviruses.- Chapter 10.1. Background.- Chapter 10.2. History.- Chapter 10.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 10.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 10.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 10.6. Transmission.- Chapter 10.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 11_Rhabdoviruses.- Chapter 11.1. Background.- Chapter 11.2. History.- Chapter 11.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 11.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 11.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 11.6. Transmission.- Chapter 11.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 12_Paramyxoviruses.- Chapter 12.1. Background.- Chapter 12.2. History.- Chapter 12.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 12.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 12.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 12.6. Transmission.- Chapter 12.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 13_Orthomyxoviruses.- Chapter 13.1. Background.- Chapter 13.2. History.- Chapter 13.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 13.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 13.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 13.6. Transmission.- Chapter 13.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 14_Picornaviruses.- Chapter 14.1. Background.- Chapter 14.2. History.- Chapter 14.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 14.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 14.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 14.6. Transmission.- Chapter 14.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 15_Coronaviruses.- Chapter 15.1. Background.- Chapter 15.2. History.- Chapter 15.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 15.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 15.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 15.6. Transmission.- Chapter 15.7. Prevention & Control, References.-Module 16_Flaviruses.- Chapter 16.1. Background.- Chapter 16.2.History.- Chapter 16.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 16.4. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 16.5. Risk Factors.- Chapter 16.6. Transmission.- Chapter 16.7. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 17_Equine viruses (Equine infectious Anaemia, West Nile, Equine Influenza).- Chapter 17.1. Background.- Chapter 17.2. History.- Chapter 17.3. Incidence and Prevalence.- Chapter 17.3. Diagnostic Techniques.- Chapter 17.4. Risk Factors.- Chapter 17.5. Transmission.- Chapter 17.6. Prevention & Control, References.- Module 18_Diagnostics.- Chapter 18.1. Background.- Chapter 18.2. Conventional Assays.- Chapter 18.3. Modern Assays.- Chapter 18.4. Future Questions.- Chapter 18.5. References.- Module 19_Vaccines.- Chapter 19.1. Background.- Chapter 19.1. Classical and modern approaches, Vaccine Administration.- Chapter 19.3. Mechanism of Action.- Chapter 19.4. Clinical Activity.- Chapter 19.5. Safety/Adverse Events.- Chapter 19.6. Future Questions.- Chapter 19.6. References.- Module 20_ Summary.
Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9789811390722
Verschijningsdatum 20 dec. 2019
Omvang 471
Editie 1st ed. 2019
Auteur(s) Yashpal Singh Malik Raj Kumar Singh Mahendra Pal Yadav
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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