Reconstructive Surgery of the Lower Genito-Urinary Tract in Adults

  • Stig Colleen, Wiking Mansson
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Provides the latest developments in adult reconstructive urology from internationally recognized leaders in the urological community Divided into five major sections dealing with presurgical assessment of the lower genitourinary tract, reconstruction of the bladder and urinary diversion, of the urethra, of the penis and the male reproductive tract, and the surgical treatment of female urethral divericulum and female urethral reconstruction Each chapter is illustrated and exhaustively referenced for ease of use
1. I: Presurgical Assessment of the Lower Genitourinary Tract 2. Contracted Bladder: Aetiology and Criteria for Surgical Treatment 3. Male Anterior Urethra: Functional and other Properties Relevent to Reconstructive Surgery 4. Assessment of Erectile and Ejaculatory Function Prior to Surgical Reconstruction 5. II: Reconstruction of the Bladder and Urinary Diversion 6. Bladder Auto-augmentation 7. Augmentation Cystoplasty 8. Orthotopic Vladder Substitutes 9. Orthotopic Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction in the Female 10. Non-continent Urinary Diversion 11. Continent Cutaneous Urinary Diversion 12. Anal-sphincter-controlled Continent Urinary Diversion 13. III: Reconstruction of the Urethra 14. Imaging the Urethra in the Adult Male with Stricture Disease 15. Management of Acute Urethral Trauma 16. Surgical Treatment of Urethral Meatal Strictures in the Male 17. The Urolumese 18. Reconstructive Surgery of Anterior Urethral Stricture Disease 19. Endoscopic Recanalization of Membranous Urethral Disruption Injuries 20. The Management of Simple and Complex Membranous Urethral Distraction Injuries 21. IV: Reconstruction of the Penis and the Male Reproductive Tract 22. Management of Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans 23. Surgical Straightening of Penile Curvature in Peyronie's Disease 24. Peripheral Vascular Disorders as Cause to Erectile Dysfunction-diagnosis and Management 25. The use of Penile Prosthesis in the Management of Erectile Impotence 26. Surgical Treatment of the Obstructed Seminal Tract 27. V: Urogynecological Reconstruction and Fistula Repair 28. Surgical Treatment of Female Urethral Diverticulum and Female Urethral Reconstru ction 29. Complex Fistulae - from Fistula Closure to Pelvic Reconstruction 30. VI: Management of Urinary Incontinence by the Aid of Artificial Sphincter Devices 31. The use of Artificial Devices
Uitgavejaar 1995
ISBN 9781899066179
Verschijningsdatum 1 okt. 1995
Omvang 268
Auteur(s) Stig Colleen, Wiking Mansson
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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