Regulating the Health Professions

  • Judith Allsop Mike Saks
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`It has particular appeal for health-care professionals and managers with an interest in corporate and clinical governance' - British Journal of Perioperative Nursing In recent years the health professions have been subject to unprecedented regulatory changes. Exposure of poor practice provoked widespread criticism of self-regulation and calls for a system in which the interests of health care consumers and employers are more fully recognized. Examining the historical and contemporary context, Regulating the Health Professions provides an in-depth analysis of professional self-regulation and the implications of regulatory change for the future of health care. Part One sets out general regulatory issues in the healthcare arena with chapters covering the impact of globalization on the professions, the purpose of professional regulation, the legal context of regulation and the significance of professional codes of ethics. In Part Two, issues specific to the different professions are explored through chapters on medicine, nursing, dentistry, the professions allied to medicine, clinical psychology and alternative medicine. This extremely topical book will be of interest to students, educators and researchers in a wide range of disciplines including sociology, social policy, politics and health studies, and to healthcare professionals and their managers.
Introduction The Regulation of Health Professions - Judith Allsop and Mike Saks PART ONE: PROFESSIONAL REGULATION IN CONTEXT The Health Professions in International Perspective - Michael Moran Regulatory Politics, Health Professionals and the Public Interest - Rob Baggott Legal Aspects of the Regulation of the Health Professions - David Price Evaluating the Ethical and Legal Content of Professional Codes of Ethics - Julie Stone PART TWO: PROFESSIONAL CASE STUDIES Regulation and the Medical Profession - Judith Allsop Registering a Difference - Celia Davies Changes in the Regulation of Nursing Regulating Dentistry - Nicki Thorogood The Regulation of the Professions Allied to Medicine - Gerry Larkin The Emergence of Clinical Psychology as a Profession - David Pilgrim Professionalization, Regulation and Alternative Medicine - Mike Saks
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780761967415
Verschijningsdatum 30 dec. 2002
Omvang 166
Auteur(s) Judith Allsop Mike Saks
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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