Secret Life of Chemicals

  • Alfred Poulos
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This book provides extensive information on the chemicals that inhabit our environment, our food, our water and our air and the impact that they may be having on human health. The author is a medical scientist, with training in the law. The book documents current understanding about pesticides in food, the plastics revolution, toxic metals, air, water and electronic waste pollutants, chemical exposure in the workplace, radiation pollutants, chemical exposure and hearing loss, how our bodies deal with chemicals, genetic variability and the risk of disease, the effect of chemicals on genes, mitochondria and the immune system and what we can do about it all. Industrialisation has resulted in many thousands of chemicals, which are being continuously developed and often escaping from where they are used into our human environment, without us really knowing enough about them. In high dosages or with continuous small dosage, the evidence suggests, that many of them could interfere with human health and some of them are known to be doing so. But for the vast majority, we are left wondering whether some could be responsible for some diseases the causes of which are inadequately understood. Every chapter is thoroughly reinforced with several pages of references from the peer-reviewed literature.
Preface: Julian Cribb, FRSA FTSE Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2: Pesticides in our food Chapter 3. The plastics revolution Chapter 4. Toxic metals Chapter 5. The Indestructibles Chapter 6. Air pollutants Chapter 7. Chemicals from paper manufacture and use Chapter 8. Chemical exposure in the workplace Chapter 9. Fluorocarbons Chapter 10: Radiation Chapter 11. How do our bodies deal with chemicals? Chapter 12: Genetic variability and the risk of disease - the advantages and disadvantages of being different Chapter 13. Environmental chemicals and our genes Chapter 14. Environmental chemicals and mitochondria Chapter 15. Environmental chemicals and our immune system Chapter 16: Just because the amounts are small, does it mean they are safe? Chapter 17. What can we do for a better future?
Uitgavejaar 2021
ISBN 9783030803377
Verschijningsdatum 6 okt. 2021
Omvang 224
Editie 1st ed. 2021
Auteur(s) Alfred Poulos
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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