Sheep Nutrition

  • M. Freer
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This book provides a review of the current state of knowledge on all aspects of sheep nutrition. The main emphasis is on sheep grazing in systems that range from intensively utilized sown pastures to extensive rangelands.
1: Nutritive Value of Herbage, S W Coleman, USDA-ARS, USA and D A Henry, CSIRO, Australia2: Constraints on Feed Intake by Grazing Sheep, R H Weston, Glenbrook, Australia3: Food Choice, J M Forbes, University of Leeds, UK and R W Mayes, Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, UK4: Microbial Ecology of the Ovine Rumen, R I Mackie, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, C S McSweeney, CSIRO, Australia and A V Klieve, Animal Research Institute, Australia5: Digestion and Metabolism, E F Annison, University of Sydney, Australia, D B Lindsay, Cambridge, UK and J V Nolan, University of New England, Australia6: Principles of Supplementary Feeding in Sheep-grazing Systems, H Dove7: Nutrition for Maintenance, J L Corbett and A J Ball, University of New England, Australia8: Nutrition and Wool Growth, P L Hynd, Adelaide University, Australia and D G Masters, CSIRO, Australia9: Nutrition for Conception and Pregnancy, J J Robinson, J A Rooke and T G McEvoy, Scottish Agricultural College, UK10: Nutrition during Lactation, T T Treacher, Oxford, UK and G Caja, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain11: Nutrition for Sheep-meat Production, V H Oddy, Meat and Livestock Australia, Australia and R D Sainz, University of California, USA12: Nutrition of Sheep under Rangelands Conditions, P J O'Reagain, Queensland Beef Industry Institute, Australia and N P McMeniman, University of Queensland, Australia13: Trace-element and Vitamin Nutrition of Grazing Sheep, J Lee, S O Knowles, AgResearch Limited, New Zealand and G J Judson, South Australian Research and Development Institute, Australia14: Interactions between Gastrointestinal Parasites and Nutrients, R L Coop, Moredun Research Institute, UK and A R Sykes, Lincoln University, New Zealand15: Deleterious Substances in Grazed Pastures, G C Waghorn, AgResearch Limited, New Zealand, N R Adams, CSIRO, Australia and D R Woodfield, AgResearch Limited, New Zealand16: The Nutritional Management of Grazing Sheep, M Freer17: Not available from CABI in Australia and New Zealand. Contact CSIRO Publishing, PO Box 1139, Collingwood, Victoria 3066, Australia.
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780851995953
Serie Animal nutrition
Verschijningsdatum 6 jan. 2002
Omvang 400
Auteur(s) M. Freer
Taal Engels
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