Skin Diseases of Cattle in the Tropics

A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Mohamed Elamin Hamid
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Skin Diseases of Cattle in the Tropics: A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment is a clinical and practical guide to help animal scientists, field veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians make appropriate and differential diagnoses. It features quizzes of clinical cases, along with multiple images of characteristic lesions and laboratory findings of major skin diseases (and diseases with skin manifestations) that are prevalent in tropical areas, notably the Sub-Saharan African countries. This self-learning and easy-to-use instructional guide, a unique offering in the field of animal science and veterinary medicine, provides essential and foundational information about relevant skin conditions that are followed by illustrated flow charts of laboratory diagnoses and summaries of respective diseases. This title makes the subject accessible for practicing veterinarians and animal scientists, and is particularly useful for those who have neither seen nor had the chance to see these diseases in the field or clinics. Such diseases are important not only in the tropics, but may be encountered in many countries in subtropical and temperate zones.
Section 1: Dermatitis and exudative dermatitis with scab formation Dermatophilosis (Streptothricosis) Dermatophycosis (Ringworm) Bovine besnoitiosis (Elephant skin disease) Sarcoptic mange (Scabies) Sarcoptic and demodectic mange (Mixed mange) Papilomatosis (Warts) Section 2: Cutaneous and subcutaneous nodular swellings and abscesses Actinomycosis (Lumpy jaw) Bovine farcy (Nocardiosis) Skin tuberculosis (Tuberculous lymphadenitis) Lumpy skin disease (Chronic lesions) Demodectic mange (Demodicosis) Cutaneous hypodermatitis (Cattle grubs) Section 3: Ulcerative skin lesions with bleeding and myiasis Cutaneous myiasis Photosensitization (Photosensitive dermatitis) Filarial dermatitis (Cutaneous parafilarosis) Tick infestation Bovine ulcerative mammillitis (Bovine Herpesvirus II)
"I consider this book a must-have reference for practitioners in subtropical and tropical climates. It is also a useful reference for veterinarians in other climes of the world..." --JAVMA
Uitgavejaar 2016
ISBN 9780128110546
Verschijningsdatum 10 jun. 2016
Omvang 98
Auteur(s) Mohamed Elamin Hamid
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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