Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis

A Book of Lists

  • Thompson
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Get instant access to the critical data you need to make accurate diagnoses and effectively plan treatment. Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis, 3rd Edition combines over 400 expert resources and boils them down into one easy-to-use reference covering the differential diagnosis, etiology, clinical signs, and relevant laboratory abnormalities of the most common conditions you will encounter in dogs and cats. And because of its pocket size and intuitive organization, you can have it on hand as a quick consultative device throughout the day to make reliable on-the-scene decisions.More than 400 lists bring the most important medical diagnostic information from multiple resources into a single quick reference.Easy identification of the likeliest diagnosis is attributed by the possibilities being listed in order of incidence. Intuitive organization presents differential diagnosis by sign, symptom, and disorder to facilitate quick access to information.Alphabetical listing of all relevant laboratory tests makes information easy to find.Pocket size makes this guide portable, practical, and simple to use.NEW! Coverage of FAST ultrasound examinations is found in the section on Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma, Triage, and Tracking.NEW! Overall content update includes substantial revisions to the disorders, syndromes, and diagnostic and laboratory tests that are listed in this guide.
Part One - Clinical Signs Approach to Differential DiagnosisPart Two - Systemic Approach to Differential Diagnosis1.?Cardiopulmonary Disorders2.?Dermatologic Disorders3.?Endocrinologic and Metabolic Disorders4.?Gastroenterologic Disorders5.?Hematologic Disorders6.?Immunologic and Immune-Mediated Disorders7.?Infectious Disease8.?Joint and Bone Disorders9.?Liver and Exocrine Pancreatic Disorders10.?Neoplasia11.?Neurologic and Neuromuscular Disorders12.?Ocular Disorders13.?Toxicology14.?Urogenital Disorder15.?Pain Diagnosis Part Three - Laboratory Values and Interpretation of Results
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9780323498302
Verschijningsdatum 27 nov. 2017
Omvang 416
Auteur(s) Thompson
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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