Spinal Restabilization Procedures

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Aspects of Intervertebral Fusion Cages, Artificial Discs and Mobile Implants

  • Denis Laurent Kaech J. Randy Jinkins
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This book on spinal restabilization techniques is an anatomical, biomechanical, clinical, radiological, and surgical overview of the diagnostic methods and newest treatment options for use in patients presenting with degenerative disc disease associated with spinal instability. Edited by a Neurosurgeon and a Neuroradiologist with extensive experience in these areas, it covers the most current information in the field of modern spinal corrective surgery. The varied therapeutic options are presented by many of the primary inventors and first users of the wide array of newly developed and individually unique intersegmental stabilization devices, interbody disc fusion appliances and intervertebral disc replacement implants. This international collection of chapters is intended to be of interest not only to spine surgeons, but also to any physician involved in the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative disc disease and spinal instability that is resistant to conservative management.
Part I: Background, History, Biomechanics, and Medical Imaging Features. 1. Acquired degenerative changes of the intervertebral segments at and suprajacent to the lumbosacral junction: A radioanatomic analysis of the discal and nondiscal structures of the spinal column and perispinal soft tissue (J.R. Jinkins). 2. Intervertebral disc cages: Background, theory, specific types and dilemmas (D.L. Kaech, J.R. Jinkins). 3. Clinicoradiologic evaluation of degenerative spinal instability, indications and contraindications for a fusion using cages (D.L. Kaech, J.R. Jinkins). 4. Axial loaded CT of the lumbar spine (R. Cartolari). 5 Cine-axial loaded CT: Pre- and post-surgical imaging. Preliminary observations (R. Cartolari). 6. Upright, weight-bearing, dynamic-kinetic MRI of the spine: pMRI/kMRI (J.R. Jinkins, J. Dworkin). 7. Sagittal lumbar spinal balance: A method of measurement (P. Tropiano, J.J. Bronsard, D.L. Kaech). 8. Spinal implant biomechanics for the non-engineer and the role of the interbody fusion device (K.E. Warden). 9. Biomechanical testing of cervical and lumbar interbody fusion cages (H.J. Wilke, A. Kettler, L. Claes). Part II: Lumbar cages. 10. RayT threaded fusion cages for stand-alone lumbar interbody fusions: 6-Year follow-up study (C.D. Ray). 11. Stand alone cages for lumbar interbody fusion: Is this a viable concept? (S.D. Kuslich). 12. Contact cages for posterior lumbar interbody fusion (L. Beckers). 13. Three column fusion using Prospace (R) invertebral blocks (J.J. Bronsard, P. Tropiano, C. Louis, D.L. Kaech). 14. Lumbar interbody fusion with PEKEKK composite cages (J.P. Elsig, E. Laloux, J. Commarmond, M. Bisserie, K.E. Warden). 15. Posterior lumbar intervertebral fusion using VariLiftT expandable cages (D. Attia). 16. A novel method for microsurgically stabilizing spinal diseases and injuries: Soft hardware for the spine - The OptiMesh systemT (S.D. Kuslich). Part III: Cervical cages. 17. Cage fusion with BAK-CT in cervical spondylosis (G. Matge). 18. Anterior cervical interbody fusion using PEKEKK composite cages (J.P. Elsig, F. Sgier, K.E.Warden). 19. The use of carbon fiber cages (PEEK cages) with allograft bone in anterior cervical discectomy (V. Debois, D.L Kaech). 20. Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion CIF with WingT titanium cages (K. Schmieder, R. Schonmayr, Ch. Goetz, P. Eysel, F. Weinzierl). 21. The AMSLUT Cage: A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion (W.F. Luitjes). 22. Anterior cervical interbody fusion with bioceramic cages: Initial experience (B. Rudinsky, R. Hill, K. Kolejak). 23. Postoperative assessment of fusion status after interbody cage implantation (D.L. Kaech, J.R. Jinkins). Part IV. Prosthetic Disc Implants. 24. The Raymedica prosthetic disc nucleus: An update (C.D. Ray). 25. The PDN (R) disc nucleus prosthesis: Experiences, technical considerations and clinical results 5 years after the first implantation (R.J. Schoenmayr). 26A. Link (R) SB Charite artificial disc: History, design and biomechanics (H.D. Link, K. Buttner-Janz). 26B. Artificial disc prosthesis: The Link SB Charite IIIT (P.C. McAfee). 26C. Indications, complications and results with the SB Charite IIIT artificial disc (T. David). 27. The Prodisca: Clinical analysis of an intervertebral disc implant (T. Marnay). 28. A new mobile cervical prosthesis (CervidiscT): Preliminary results of the first 22 implanted devices (A. Ramadan). Part V: Dynamic intersegmental restabilization. 29. Dynamic neutralisation: Treatment of mobile vertebral instability (G. Dubois, B. de Germay, J. Prere, O. Schwarzenbach, T.M. Stoll). 30. The interspinous "U": A new restabilization device for the lumbar spine (D.L. Kaech, C. Fernandez). Part VI. Summary and Conclusions. 31. Review of modern treatment options for degenerative disc disease (R. Bertagnoli). 32. Concluding remarks: The present and future of spinal restabilization procedures (D.L. Kaech, J.R. Jinkins). Subject Index.
Uitgavejaar 2002
ISBN 9780444510235
Verschijningsdatum 23 aug. 2002
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Auteur(s) Denis Laurent Kaech J. Randy Jinkins
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