Statistics at Square One

  • Michael J. Campbell
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The new edition of this international bestseller continues to throw light on the world of statistics for health care professionals and medical students. Revised throughout, the 11th edition features new material in the areas of* relative risk, absolute risk and numbers needed to treat* diagnostic tests, sensitivity, specificity, ROC curves* free statistical software The popular self-testing exercises at the end of every chapter are strengthened by the addition of new sections on reading and reporting statistics and formula appreciation.
Preface. Chapter 1 Data display and summary. Chapter 2 Summary statistics for quantitative data. Chapter 3 Summary statistics for binary data. Chapter 4 Populations and samples. Chapter 5 Statements of probability and confidence intervals. Chapter 6 P-values, power, type I and type II errors. Chapter 7 The t tests. Chapter 8 The chi2 tests. Chapter 9 Diagnostic tests. Chapter 10 Rank score tests. Chapter 11 Correlation and regression. Chapter 12 Survival analysis. Chapter 13 Study design and choosing a statistical test. Chapter 14 Use of computer software. Answers to exercises. Glossary of statistical terms. Appendix. Index.

"The utility of such a book to clinicians and practicing biostatisticians cannot be overemphasized. ... Unique in terms of its simplicity of presentation ... .A great reference book for use by clinicians.''

Uitgavejaar 2009
ISBN 9781405191005
Verschijningsdatum 9 okt. 2009
Omvang 192
Auteur(s) Michael J. Campbell
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