Surgical Orthodontics

classification, diagnostic and treatment

  • D.B. Tuinzing
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Surgical orthodontics means the treatment of dentofacial deformities. If a deformity is limited to the position of the teeth and the alignment of the dental arches, desired corrections can result in a malposition of the upper and/or lower jaw. In such situations, surgery may be necessary to attain optimal and stable results. Surgical orthodontics should be given careful consideration and be thoroughly discussed as part of the orthodontic treatment plan.

Apart from a classification of the dentofacial deformity, a concise diagnosis for each individual patient can only be reached with a careful anamnesis. Without this diagnosis, no prognosis for the treatment result can be estimated.

Who can benefit from this book?
Patients. If surgical orthodontic treatment is being considered, the patient has the right to be well informed about the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment. Knowledge about the impact of the treatment on an individual, physically and psychologically, is of major importance.

Dentists. This book is intended to be a source of information, to aid the dental practitioner in helping their patients to make their choices and to be informed about the many aspects during treatment before the result is obtained.

Orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons. This book describes the cutting edge of these two specialties. It elucidates effective methods of collaboration within the five defined categories of dentofacial deformity. Specific planning, treatment, pitfalls and problems for each category are presented. The treatment protocols save time for the professional, since the need for personal communication will be limited significantly.

Operating room personnel. The step-by-step description of a number of surgical techniques makes this book an indispensable help in preparing and assisting in surgical orthodontics.

Trainees. The content in combination with the structure of the book makes it a valuable work in the training and learning of surgical orthodontics for trainees in maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics and dentistry. 


Uitgavejaar 2005
ISBN 9789035227866
Verschijningsdatum 1 nov. 2005
Omvang 142
Editie 1
Auteur(s) D.B. Tuinzing
Bindwijze Ingenaaid
Taal Nederlands

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