Teaching Group Psychotherapy and Group Counseling

Instruction, Participation, Observation, Practice, and Supervision

  • Kathleen Ritter Sarah Appleton
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  • Verwacht 8 januari 2025
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In spite of the increasing demand for group psychotherapy services in institutional, community, and educational settings, countless clinicians are entering the profession with minimal training in group modalities. Teaching Group Psychotherapy and Counseling aims to illuminate the essential components for educating group leaders while examining the most current research and providing a practical outline for effective instruction. Also examined are the sequencing of group courses within the graduate curriculum, the role of modeling in skill development, the structure of the participation group, and the function of consolidation of didactic, observational and experiential learning.
Part I: The Basics. 1 Knowledge Competency. 2 Sequencing the Curriculum Part II: Ethics and Multiple Roles. 3 Ethical Considerations. 4 Dual and Multiple Relationships. 5 The Group Experience. 6 Facilitator/Leader Modeling. 7 Focus on Learning and Concrete Goals. Part III: The Observation Group. 8 Learning Through Watching. 9 Planning and Consolidation. Part IV: Supervision and Change. 10 Supervision. 11 Training Related Changes. Appendix A: Sample Informed Consent. Appendix B: Sample Simulations. References. Index.
Uitgavejaar 2025
ISBN 9781138909083
Verschijningsdatum 8 jan. 2025
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Auteur(s) Kathleen Ritter Sarah Appleton
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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