Textbook of Addiction Treatment

  • Nady el-Guebaly Giuseppe Carra Marc Galanter
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Addiction is increasingly being recognized as a major global public health issue, and an ever-growing number of medical specialties, psychological and social science training programs, and professional associations are including addiction as part of their training and continuing education curricula. The first edition of this book presented an overview of the spectrum of addiction-related problems across different cultures around the globe. Sharing the experience and wisdom of more than 260 leading experts in the field, and promoted by the International Society of Addiction Medicine, it compared and contrasted clinical practices in the field of addiction medicine on the basis of neurobiological similarities as well as epidemiological and socio-cultural differences. Building on the success of this inaugural edition, and taking into account the formal and informal comments received as well as an assessment of current need, this textbook presents general updated information while retaining the most requested sections of the first edition as demonstrated by the number of chapter downloads. It also provides a basic text for those preparing for the ISAM annual certification exam. Written by some 220 international experts, it is a valuable reference resource for anyone interested in medicine, psychology, nursing, and social science.
1. Basic Sciences & Clinical Foundations: An Intro.- 2. Neurobiology of Addiction.- 3. Heritability of AUD evidence from twin studies and GWAS.- 4. Animal Models for Addiction.- 5. Burden of Disease: The Epidemiological Aspects of Addiction.- 6. Cultural Aspects and Responses to Addiction.- 7. Prevention Strategies and Regional Aspects of Prevention.- 8. Diagnostic Definition, Criteria and Classification of SUDs.- 9. Drugs of Abuse and Pharmacotherapies for Substance Use Disorders: Introduction.- 10. Pharmacological Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders.- 11. Benzodiazepine and nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics (Z-drugs).- 12. Cannabis Use Disorders and Treatment.- 13. Cocaine use disorder: Pharmacological treatment.- 14. Pharmacotherapy of Addiction to Amphetamine Type Stimulants.- 15. Nicotine and Tobacco.- 16. Addiction to Caffeine and Other Xanthines.- 17. Khat Addiction.- 18. Opioid Addiction and Treatment.- 19. Addiction to Hallucinogens, Dissociatives, Designer Drugs and "Legal Highs": Update on Potential Therapeutic Use.- 20. Inhalant Addiction (& Vaping).- 21. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Related Disorders and Treatment.- 22. Prescription Drug Abuse: Risks, Diversion and Prevention.- 23. Behavioural Approaches: An Introduction.- 24. Motivational Interviewing, Behaviour Change in Addiction Treatment.- 25. Cognitive Behaviour Therapies for alcohol and other drug use problems.- 26. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Treatment of SUD.- 27. Mindfulness as Behavioural Approach in Addiction Treatment.- 28. A Trauma-Informed Approach to Enhancing Addiction Treatment.- 29. Contingency Management as a Behavioural Approach in Addiction Treatment.- 30. Group Therapy for Substance Use Disorders.- 31. Couples & Family Therapy in Treatment of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse.- 32. Network Therapy in Addiction Treatment.- 33. CRA and CRAFT: Behavioural Treatments for Both Motivated and Unmotivated Substance Abusing Individuals and their Family Members.- 34. Exercise for Substance Use Disorders.- 35. Towards Addiction Treatment: Technological Advances & Applying Technology.- 36. Cultural Adaptation of Empirically-Validated Therapies for Treating Drug Dependence.- 37. Multidisciplinary management of acute & chronic pain in the presence of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).- 38. Main Elements of Systems Approach to Treatment: An Introduction.- 39. Treatment Systems for Population Management of Substance Use Disorders: Requirements and Priorities from a Public Health Perspective.- 40. Screening, Early Detection & Brief Intervention for AUD.- 41. Clinical Assessment of Alcohol Use Disorders.- 42. Biological State Marker for Alcohol Consumption.- 43. Clinical screening for illegal and prescription drug misuse and nicotine use.- 44. Drug Testing in Addiction Medicine.- 45. Brief Intervention for Illicit Drug Users.- 47. Screening and Assessment for People with Substance Use Disorders: A Focus on Developed Countries.- 48. Stepped Care Models in Addiction Treatment.- 49. Therapeutic Communities for Addictions: Essential Elements, Cultural, and Current Issues.- 50. Spiritual Aspects of the Twelve Step-Method in Addiction Treatment.- 51. Addiction Recovery in Services & Policy: An International Overview.- 52. Strategies of Drug Prevention in the Workplace: An International Perspective of Drug Testing and Employee Assistance Programs.- 53. Harm Reduction Interventions, Policies, Settings and Challenges.- 54. Policy and Training in Addiction: An Introduction.- 55. Good Practice and Quality Standards.- 56. The UN Drug Conventions: Evidence on Effects and Impact.- 57. Ethical & Legal Aspects of Interventions in Treatment.- 58. Monitoring and Evaluation of Addiction Treatment.- 59. Pathways To The Specialty Recognition Of Addiction Medicine (AM).- 60. ISAM's International Certification of Addiction Medicine: The First Decade.- 61. US Programs & Opportunities.- 62. ISAM Chapter -Undergraduate medical training in substance misuse.- 63. Behavioural Addictions and Management Applications: An Introduction.- 64. Biological Underpinning of Behavioural Addictions and Management Implications.- 65. The Transdiagnostic Mechanisms of Behavioral Addictions and their Treatment.- 66. Clinical Management of Gambling Disorder.- 67. Behavioral Addictions & Women.- 68. Problematic Internet Use.- 69. Conceptual and methodological considerations of Gaming Disorder and Internet Gaming Disorder.- 70. Compulsive Buying Disorder.- 71. Sexual Addiction.- 72. The Association Between Binge Eating, Obesity and Addiction.- 73. Medical Disorders and Complications of Alcohol and Other Drugs and Multiple Morbidities: An Introduction.- 74. Cardiovascular Consequences of Addiction.- 75. Respiratory Problems and Substance Misuse.- 76. Oral health and addiction: consequences of substance use.- 77. Gastrointestinal Disorders Related to Alcohol and Other Drug Use.- 78. Liver Disorders related to Alcohol & Other Drug Use.- 79. Renal and Metabolic Consequences of Drug/Alcohol Use.- 80. Trauma and Addiction Medicine.- 81. Neurobiological Complications of Alcohol and Substance Misuse.- 82. Neurocognitive disorders in substance abuse.- 83. Substance Use and Co-Occurring Infections (including Immunology).- 84. Sleep Disorders in Addiction: An Overview.- 85. Endocrine Manifestations of Addictive Diseases/Hormonal Effects.- 86. Sexual Function and Alcohol and Other Drug Use.- 87. Patients with SUD & Addiction: Acute Pain including Perioperative Issues.- 88. Chronic Pain and Dependence.- 89. Psychiatric Comorbidities and Complications of Alcohol, Other Drugs: An Introduction, and International Perspectives: An Introduction.- 90. Substance-Induced Mental Disorders.- 91. Co-Occurring Depressive, Bipolar I & II Substance Use Disorders.- 92. Comorbid Anxiety and Alcohol or Substance Use Disorders: An Overview.- 93. The Comorbidity of Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Substance Use Disorders.- 94. Psychotic Disorders and Substance Use Disorders.- 95. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder & Substance Abuse in Adults & Children.- 96. Personality Disorders and Addiction Disorders.- 97. Special Populations: An Introduction.- 98. Women and Addiction.- 99. Older People and Substance Misuse.- 100. Treatment in Criminal Justice Settings; Mandatory Vs Voluntary Treatment and Rehabilitation.- 101. Drug Courts.- 102. Addictions in Physicians: An Overview.- 103. Substance Use Disorders in Conflict-Displaced Populations.- 104. Children, Adolescents and Young Adults: An Introduction.- 105. Adolescent Substance Misuse/Use Disorders: Characteristic Features.- 106. Adolescent Substance Misuse/Use Disorders: Management.- 107. Suicide and Substance Abuse in Adolescents.- 108. Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use and Abuse.- 109. Perinatal Substance Use Disorders: Intrauterine Exposure.
Uitgavejaar 2020
ISBN 9783030363901
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Editie 2nd ed. 2021
Auteur(s) Nady el-Guebaly Giuseppe Carra Marc Galanter
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