The Genetics of Cattle

  • Dorian J. Garrick, Anatoly Ruvinsky
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Since the time of domestication more than 10,000 years ago, cattle have played an increasingly crucial role in the development of human civilizations. Progress has been quite remarkable since the turn of the century; the sequencing of the bovine genome in 2009 launched new avenues for furthering our understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of cattle genetics. Covering a vast array of questions, this book reviews major topics from molecular and developmental genetics, disease resistance and immunogenetics to genetic improvement of dairy and beef breeds, addressing all current problems in the field. This second edition includes a new team of authors and completely new chapters on the genetics of fat production, nutrition, feed intake and efficiency, growth and body composition. Fully updated throughout, it provides a valuable resource on cattle genetics for researchers, breeders, veterinarians and postgraduate students.
a: PrefaceChapter 1: Systematics and phylogeny of cattleChapter 2: Genetic aspects of domesticationChapter 3: Breeds of cattleChapter 4: Molecular genetics of colour variationChapter 5: Genetics of morphological traits and inherited disordersChapter 6: Cytogenetics and chromosome mapsChapter 7: Bovine genomicsChapter 8: Bovine immunogeneticsChapter 9: Genetics of disease resistanceChapter 10: Molecular biology and genetics of bovine spongiform encephalopathyChapter 11: Genetics of behaviour in cattleChapter 12: Genetics of reproduction in cattleChapter 13: Modern reproductive technologies and breed improvementChapter 14: Developmental geneticsChapter 15: Genetic improvement of dairy cattleChapter 16: Molecular genetics of milk protein productionChapter 17: Genetics fatty acids composition in bovine milk and beefChapter 18: Genetic improvement in beef cattleChapter 19: Genomic prediction and genome-wide association studies in beef and dairy cattleChapter 20: Genetics of feed intake and efficiency.Chapter 21: Genetics of growth and body compositionChapter 22: Genetics of meat qualityChapter 23: Genetic aspects of cattle adaptation in the tropicsChapter 24: Standard genetic nomenclatureb: Index
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781780642215
Verschijningsdatum 7 nov. 2014
Omvang 640
Redactie Dorian J. Garrick, Anatoly Ruvinsky
Editie 2
Bindwijze Hardcover
Taal Engels
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