Trail Guide to the Body

A hands-on guide to locating muscles, bones and more

  • Andrew BIEL
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Handspring Publishing, this is the 6th edition of the internationally acclaimed gold standard textbook for teaching surface anatomy and palpation. Before you can assess or treat a muscle you must first be able to locate it. This beautifully illustrated book delivers essential information for learning the musculoskeletal system and palpation. It makes the mastery of essential manual therapy skills interesting and accessible.

With 456 pages and 945 illustrations covering 162 muscles, 206 bones, 33 ligaments and 110 bony landmarks, Trail Guide to the Body provides a trustworthy map of the body. It prepares students of massage therapy, physiotherapy, sports therapy and rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and other bodywork, movement, and health care students for the skilled and knowledgeable practice of manual therapy. With this textbook students also gain access to an amazing repository of free study tools, including palpation videos, audio files and overlay images.

Uitgavejaar 2019
ISBN 9780998785066
Verschijningsdatum 7 okt. 2019
Omvang 456
Auteur(s) Andrew BIEL
Bindwijze Spiraalband
Taal Engels
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