Treating Adults with Aphasia

  • A. Holland
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This is a major clinical text of focal aphasia in adults by one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. Dr Audrey Holland's introductory chapters of essential insights on aphasia are followed by coverage of treatment in the acute phase, the uses and abuses of clinical assessment, developing compensatory strategies and other pragmatic approaches, direct intervention for linguistic deficits, working on underlying deficits, aphasia as a family problem, and group work in aphasia. This book should be of interest to professional speech-language pathologists, family physicians and general practitioners, neurologists, nurses, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, aphasic health care specialists, and undergraduates and graduates of speech-language studies.
Uitgavejaar 1995
ISBN 9781879105966
Verschijningsdatum 1 jun. 1995
Omvang 224
Auteur(s) A. Holland
Bindwijze Spiraalband
Taal Engels
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