Treatment Planning in Primary Dental Care

  • Ann Shearer
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This is the first book to bring together the key disciplines of restorative dentistry such as periodontics, endodontics, and crown and bridgework in a structured way for the senior undergraduate dental student. The book is primarily aimed at the final year undergraduate student who has to present a patient that they have treated for a reasonable amount of time, and by doing so demonstrate a broad range of treatment provision. The key to a successful presentation case is the planning of the treatment at the beginning. There are certain key elements that students must take into account at that stage, for example, collecting all the relevant information about the case. This book provides all the necessary information that the dental student will need when preparing a final case presentation, taking a step-by-step approach to treatment planning illustrated by case histories, colour photographs and radiographs of patients. Every case has several options in terms of the treatment plan, which need to be discussed with the patient in advance, so that informed consent is gained and the patient is happy to proceed. The book presents the process of forming the possible options, and the illustrated cases show the path taken in different scenarios.
1. Principles of planning care; 2. Gathering information; 3. Patient management; 4. Reaching a diagnosis; 5. Decision making; 6. Clinical choices; 7. Organising care; 8. Continuing care; 9. Treatment planning examples; References and Further Reading
This book tells the student all the little things that most of us picked up after we had qualified. It illustrates theoretical and conceptual methods of health, research tools, the evidence underpi
Uitgavejaar 2003
ISBN 9780198508953
Verschijningsdatum 1 sep. 2003
Omvang 120
Auteur(s) Ann Shearer
Taal Engels
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