Veterinary Image-Guided Interventions

  • Chick Weisse, Allyson Berent
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Veterinary Image-Guided Interventions is the only book dedicated to interventions guided by imaging technology. Written and edited by leading experts in the field, interventional endoscopy, cardiology, oncology and radiology are covered in detail. Chapters include the history and background of the procedures, patient work-up, equipment lists, detailed procedural instructions, potential complications, patient follow-up protocols, and expected outcomes. Split into body systems, the technical aspects of each procedure are presented using highly illustrated step-by-step guides. Veterinary Image-Guided Interventions is a must-have handbook for internists, surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, oncologists and criticalists, and for anyone interested in cutting-edge developments in veterinary medicine. Key features include: * A highly practical step-by-step guide to image-guided procedures * Relevant to a wide range of veterinary specialists. * Written and edited by respected pioneers in veterinary image-guided procedures * A companion website offers videos of many procedures to enhance the text
List of Contributors x Acknowledgments xiii About the Companion Website xiv Section 1 Introduction 1 CHAPTER 1 TOOLS OF THE TRADE INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY 3 Fei Sun CHAPTER 2 TOOLS OF THE TRADE INTERVENTIONAL ENDOSCOPY 15 Allyson Berent CHAPTER 3 ONCOLOGY FOR THE INTERVENTIONALIST 29 Christine Mullin and Craig A. Clifford Section 2 R espiratory System 41 CHAPTER 4 EPISTAXIS EMBOLIZATION 43 Chick Weisse CHAPTER 5 NASAL/SINUS TUMORS 51 William T.N. Culp CHAPTER 6 INTERVENTIONAL TREATMENT OF NASOPHARYNGEAL Stenosis 63 Allyson Berent CHAPTER 7 INTRALUMINAL TRACHEAL STENTING 73 Chick Weisse CHAPTER 8 BRONCHIAL COLLAPSE AND STENTING 83 George A. Kramer Chapter 9 PLEURAL SPACE DISEASE THORACIC DRAINAGE AND PORT PLACEMENT 91 William T.N. Culp CHAPTER 10 INTERVENTIONAL TREATMENT OF LARGE AIRWAY OBSTRUCTIONS: ABLATIONS, BALLOON DILATION, AND FOREIGN BODY RETRIEVAL 100 Allyson Berent Section 3 Gastrointestinal System 109 Chapter 11 Oral Tumors 111 William T.N. Culp CHAPTER 12 ESOPHAGEAL FOREIGN BODY RETRIEVAL 118 Douglas A. Palma CHAPTER 13 ESOPHAGEAL OBSTRUCTION: STRICTURES/TUMORS BALLOON, BOUGIE, INJECTIONS, STENT 130 Douglas A. Palma and Allyson Berent Chapter 14 Gastrointestinal System Gastric Foreign Body Retrieval 145 Douglas A. Palma Chapter 15 Gastrointestinal Polypectomy 155 Douglas A. Palma and Allyson Berent Chapter 16 PEG Tube Placement 163 Douglas A. Palma Chapter 17 Stenting for Gastrointestinal Obstructions 179 Allyson Berent Chapter 18 Image-Guided Nutritional Support Techniques 187 Matthew W. Beal Section 4 Hepatobiliary System 199 Chapter 19 Hepatobiliary Imaging 201 Allison Zwingenberger Chapter 20 Vascular Anatomy 209 Fei Sun and Rafael Latorre Chapter 21 Portosystemic Shunt Embolization : IHPSS/EHPSS 215 Chick Weisse Chapter 22 Hepatic Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs) and Fistulas 227 Chick Weisse Chapter 23 Liver Tumors/Metastases (TAE/cTACE/DEB-TACE) 238 Chick Weisse Chapter 24 Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) and Biliary Stent Placement 247 Allyson Berent Chapter 25 Cholecystostomy 256 Sean Murphy Section 5 Urogenital System 261 Chapter 26 Imaging of the Urinary Tract 263 Amy M. Habing and Julie K. Byron Chapter 27 Interventional Management of Complicated Nephrolithiasis 289 Allyson Berent and Larry G. Adams Chapter 28 Interventional Treatment of Idiopathic Renal Hematuria 301 Allyson Berent Chapter 29 Interventional Management of Canine and Feline Benign Ureteral Obstructions 309 Allyson Berent Chapter 30 Interventional Management of Obstructive Pyonephrosis 336 Allyson Berent Chapter 31 Interventional Management of Canine Malignant Ureteral Obstructions 343 Allyson Berent Chapter 32 Cystoscopic -Guided Laser Ablation of Ectopic Ureters 351 Allyson Berent Chapter 33 Minimally Invasive Treatment of Bladder and Urethral Stones in Dogs and Cats 360 Allyson Berent and Larry G. Adams Chapter 34 Urethral Stenting 373 Chick Weisse Chapter 35 Endoscopic Polypectomy and Laser Ablation for Benign Urinary Bladder Lesions 383 Allyson Berent Chapter 36 Intra-arterial Chemotherapy Infusion 389 Chick Weisse Chapter 37 Ultrasound -Guided Endoscopic Laser Ablation for Transitional Cell Carcinoma in Dogs 398 Dean J. Cerf and Eric C. Lindquist Chapter 38 Injectable Bulking Agents for Treatment of Urinary Incontinence 410 Julie K. Byron Chapter 39 Percutaneous Perineal Approach to the Canine Urethra 415 Chick Weisse Chapter 40 Percutaneous Antegrade Urethral Catheterization 419 Elaine Holmes Chapter 41 Percutaneous Cystostomy Tube 423 Elaine Holmes Chapter 42 Endoscopic Laser Ablation of Vestibulovaginal Remnants (ELA-VR) 427 Stacy Kathleen Burdick and Allyson Berent Section 6 Vascular/Lymphatic Systems 433 Chapter 43 Lymphangiography 435 Ameet Singh Chapter 44 Vascular Access 439 Chick Weisse Chapter 45 Foreign Body Retrieval 449 William T.N. Culp Chapter 46 Hemorrhage Embolization 456 Chick Weisse Chapter 47 THROMBECTOMY AND THROMBOLYSIS: THE INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY APPROACH 464 Marilyn E. Dunn and Chick Weisse Chapter 48 Peripheral Arteriovenous Fistulas and Vascular Malformations 479 Chick Weisse Chapter 49 Central Venous Vascular Obstruction 488 Michael David Schlicksup and Matthew W. Beal Chapter 50 Cisterna Chyli and Thoracic Duct Glue Embolization 497 Ameet Singh Section 7 Cardiac System 503 Chapter 51 Radiographic Cardiac Anatomy 505 Brian A. Scansen Chapter 52 Pericardial Disease 513 Steven G. Cole Chapter 53 Cardiac Pacing 518 Amara H. Estrada Chapter 54 Arrhythmia Ablation 531 Roberto A. Santilli and Manuela Perego Chapter 55 Heartworm Extraction 541 Ashley B. Saunders Chapter 56 Transcatheter Mitral Valve Therapies 547 E. Christopher Orton Chapter 57 Cardiac Tumor Palliation 556 Chick Weisse and Brian A. Scansen Chapter 58 Patent Ductus Arteriosus 564 Christopher D. Stauthammer Chapter 59 PULMONARY VALVE STENOSIS 575 Brian A. Scansen Chapter 60 Aortic Valve Stenosis 588 Mandi E. Kleman Chapter 61 ATRIOVENTRICULAR VALVE STENOSIS 595 Aaron C. Wey Chapter 62 Cor Triatriatum 604 Bruce W. Keene and Sandra P. Tou Chapter 63 Septal Defects 610 Sonya G. Gordon Section 8 Musculoskeletal/Neurological Systems 621 Chapter 64 Tumor Ablations Soft Tissue and Skeletal 623 William T.N. Culp Chapter 65 Transarterial Embolization and Chemoembolization 629 Sarah Boston Chapter 66 Analgesic Nerve, Neuraxial, Articular and Soft Tissue Interventions 635 Andrea L. Looney Index 649
Uitgavejaar 2015
ISBN 9781118378281
Verschijningsdatum 24 apr. 2015
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Auteur(s) Chick Weisse, Allyson Berent
Bindwijze Hardcover
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