Veterinary Immunology, 10th revised edition

  • Ian R. Tizard
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Exploring the immunologic concerns of both large and small animals, Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction,10th Edition is the only complete resource on immunology for veterinary practitioners. This new edition has been meticulously updated to continue its trend of incorporating the latest advances and topics in the field. It features a straightforward presentation of basic immunologic principles along with thorough and timely information on the most significant immunologic diseases and responses seen in domestic animals.Comprehensive coverage clearly explains the general principles of immunology, and provides information on the most significant immunologic diseases and immunologic responses seen in domestic animals and marine mammals.A wealth of clinical examples show how principles will be experienced and addressed in the clinical setting.Educator and student resources on Evolve feature an image collection, enhanced animations, flashcards, content updates, and a test bank for instructors.Improved images clarify new content and enhance your understanding.NEW! Updated content covers new T cell subpopulations, newly described interleukins; new approaches to cancer immunotherapy; immunology of fish; and new advances in genomics.NEW! Learning objectives have been added to the beginning of each chapter.NEW! Chapter on commensal bacterial will address the role of commensal bacteria in veterinary immunology and provide convincing explanations for previously poorly understood phenomena. NEW! Information on the pathogenesis and treatment of atopic dermatitis has been added to help inform veterinarians who treat pets with dermatologic conditions. NEW! Revised content on cancer immunology reflects the vast expansion of information that has been uncovered in the past five years.NEW! Expanded information on the role of nutrition in animal immunity offers a rational basis for examining data of those who claim nutritional benefits.NEW! Full-color histologic images replace black and white images to more effectively convey concepts.
1.?Surviving in a Microbial World2.?Innate Immunity: How to Detect Invaders3.?Humoral Innate Immunity: Inflammatory Mediators4.?Humoral Innate Immunity: The Complement System5.?Cellular Innate Immunity: Neutrophils and Phagocytosis6.?Cellular Innate Immunity: Macrophages and Recovery from Inflammation7.?Sickness: The Body's Innate Responses8.?How Immune Cells Communicate: Cytokines and Their Receptors9.?Antigens: Triggers of Adaptive Immunity10.?Dendritic Cells and Antigen Processing11.?The Major Histocompatibility Complex12.?Organs of the Immune System13.?Lymphocytes14.?Helper T Cells and Their Response to Antigens15.?B Cells and Their Response to Antigens16.?Antibodies: Soluble Antigen Receptors17.?How Antigen-Binding Receptors Are Made18.?T Cells and the Destruction of Cell-Associated Invaders19.?Innate Lymphoid Cells20.?Regulation of Adaptive Immunity21.?The Microbiota and the Immune System22.?Immunity at Body Surfaces23.?Immunity in the Fetus and Newborn24.?Vaccines and Their Production25.?The Use of Vaccines26.?Immunity to Bacteria and Fungi27.?Immunity to viruses28.?Immunity to Parasites29.?Mast Cell and Eosinophil Mediated Hypersensitivity30.?Allergic Syndromes31.?Red Cell Antigens and Antibody-mediated Hypersensitivity32.?Immune-complexes and Neutrophil-mediated Hypersensitivity33.?T Cell-mediated Hypersensitivity34.?Organ Graft Rejection and Pregnancy35.?Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy36.?Autoimmunity: General Principles37.?Organ-Specific Autoimmune Diseases38.?Immune-mediated Inflammatory Diseases39.?Primary Immunodeficiencies40.?Secondary Immunological Defects41.?Drugs and Other Agents that Affect the Immune System42.?Immunodiagnostic Techniques43.?Evolution of the Immune SystemGLOSSARYINDEX
Uitgavejaar 2017
ISBN 9780323523493
Verschijningsdatum 17 nov. 2017
Omvang 624
Auteur(s) Ian R. Tizard
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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