Veterinary Immunology

Principles and Practice, Second Edition

  • Michael J. Day, Ronald D. Schultz
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Veterinary Immunology: Principles and Practice has become the adopted text in numerous veterinary schools throughout the world. Widely updated with advances in knowledge since 2011, this second edition reflects the rapid development in the field. The new edition presents expanded information on commonly used diagnostic test procedures and discusses newly arising diseases such as bovine neonatal pancytopenia. Maintaining the same reliable format as its predecessor, the book includes: * Learning objectives at the start of each chapter * Key points at the end of each chapter *17 clinical case studies demonstrating clinical context for the material covered in the chapters * Standard symbols in diagrams throughout the text to provide continuity * Clinical examples and clinicopathological figures throughout * A glossary of terms and list of commonly used abbreviations Exploring the immunological concerns of both large animals and small, the book emphasizes immunological principles while applying them to the disease process and to clinical practice. It provides a practical textbook for veterinary students and a handy reference for practitioners.
An overview of the immune system: Innate and adaptive immunity and the inflammatory response Antigens and antibodies The complement system Serological testing Cells and tissues of the immune system The major histocompatibility complex Antigen presentation and cytokine The biology of T lymphocytes The biology of B lymphocytes Testing of cellular immune function Immune suppression Hypersensitivity mechanisms The immune response to infectious agents Cancer immunology and immune system neoplasia Immunological tolerance Autoimmunity and autoimmune disease Allergy Immune system ontogeny and neonatal immunology Immunodeficiency Vaccination Immunotherapy Case studies in clinical immunology Glossary Index
Uitgavejaar 2014
ISBN 9781482224627
Verschijningsdatum 23 jun. 2014
Omvang 280
Auteur(s) Michael J. Day, Ronald D. Schultz
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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