Weeping Willow

Encounters with Grief

  • Lynne Halamish Doron Hermoni
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Riveting in their emotional clarity and utterly jargon free, these 30 stories from real life penetrate how we grieve and how we can help those who grieve- whether the griever is oneself, someone we care about, or a client or patient. Lynne Dale Halamish, an internationally respected grief counsellor with more than 20 years' experience, and Doron Hermoni, a family physician, researcher, and educator, present vignettes from practice that show how death- lingering, unexpected, violent, or self-inflicted- and the loss of a relationship- to oneself or with a child, sibling, parent, mate, grandparent, or friend- give life to grief, together with the process by which each person fully encounters his or her grief. Each story is no more than two or three pages, and the authors follow each one with a short summary of its teachings and a selection of annotated recent references for those who wish to read more about a topic. Looked at in relief, the stories reveal a master grief counsellor at work.
1. You Dont Know Till You Ask: Jumping to Conclusions, Speaking to Children ; 2. The Weeping Willow: Children dealing with impending death ; 3. Who Will Go with Me to Torah?: Security following parental death ; 4. The Black Place: Talking about fears ; 5. The Tree: It is normal to grow after trauma ; 6. Give Me Permission to Die: Talking openly about death ; 7. The Silent Stage: Encouraging the bereaved to express themselves ; 8. Where is safe?: Repercussions of sibling death ; 9. Decision to live: Important decisions need conscious thought ; 10. Who's Next?: Taking children to funerals: when, what age, how ; 11. The Worst Death: Difference between losing a parent and losing a child ; 12. The last to know: The individuals right to know ; 13. What is freedom?: The unique perspective of the individual ; 14. Mailman: Learn and pass the knowledge on ; 15. I want attention: Classroom intervention after suicide ; 16. You Cannot Prepare: Rehearsal for grief and romanticizing death ; 17. I Can't Tell You: Getting someone to tell you something ; 18. Letting Go: Tacking chances with communication ; 19. What is the Gain?: Cost vs. Benefit ; 20. Body Language: The Clarity of Body Language ; 21. Harps in Heaven Accordions in Hell: Changing Perceptions ; 22. Waiting to Die: The Timing of Death ; 23. Where Did You Get My Number: Identifying the bereaved ; 24. Better to Remember Him as He Was: Who should be part of the mourning rituals ; 25. Waiting for Elijah: Normal grief responses ; 26. What Not to Say: How to act around grievers ; 27. What's Yours and What Isn't: Empathy, Boundaries, Identification ; 28. Laugh and the World Laughs: When you are dying, you are still alive ; 29. The Minefield: Normal Grief ; 30. I Want to Finish His Life for Him: Identification of bereaved siblings with the deceased
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780195325379
Verschijningsdatum 12 jul. 2007
Omvang 240
Auteur(s) Lynne Halamish Doron Hermoni
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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