Windows into Today's Group Therapy

The National Group Psychotherapy Institute of the Washington School of Psychiatry

  • George Max Saiger Sy Rubenfeld Mary D. Dluhy
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The Washington School of Psychiatry in Washington, D.C. has long been on the leading-edge of theoretical changes in psychotherapy, having offered a certification program in group psychotherapy, The Group Psychotherapy Training Program since the mid-1960's. This program trained a generation of skilled group psychotherapists and formed a model for comprehensive group training. In 1994 the National Group Psychotherapy Institute emerged from this program. With an emphasis on experiential and didactic learning, the Institute continues the tradition of challenging the frontiers of psychodynamic group psychotherapy. This volume is a collection of papers by the Institute members and reflects the mission and recent research and developments of the Institute. Originally delivered by faculty members and visiting presenters at the Washington School of Psychiatry, they represent the various vertices from which modern group psychotherapy can be studied. Organized according to theoretical position, the volume contains work by the top group theorists and clinicians in the field. Windows into Today's Group Therapy would provide both an important historical perspective on group therapy as a response to managed care as well as a timely collection of the leading research in the field today.
Introduction. Editor's Introduction. Overview and Underpinnings. Systems Centered Approaches. Editor's Introduction. Introduction to a Theory of Living Human Systems and Systems Centered Practice. National Group Psychotherapy Institute Faculty Respond: Some Comments on the Similarities and Contrasts Between Dr. Agazarian's Systems Centered Therapy and Dr Aledort's Therapist Centered Group Psychoanalysis. Panel Discussion of Dr Agazarian's Presentation of Systems-centered Group Therapy. Group Analysis and the Study of Maturity. On Identity as Multiple and Basic Assumption. Containment and the Threat of Catastrophic Change in Psychotherapy Groups. Object Relational and Lacanian Approaches. Editor's Introduction. Group Analysis and Intimacy. The Group-as-a-Whole Approach in Foulkesian Group Analytic Psychotherapy. Chaos and Desire: The Simple Truth of the Unconscious in the Psychoanalytic Group. Object Relations and Group Psychotherapy. Interpersonal Approaches. Editor's Introduction. Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy. Andrews-Sachs, Anxiety, Courage, and Healing. The Interpersonal Approach to Group Psychotherapy. Existential Group Psychotherapy. Editor's Introduction. Saiger, Some Thoughts on the Existential Lens in Group Psychotherapy. Dr. Mullan Responds. Psychoanalytic Approaches. Editor's Introduction. Theories Are Ideas. A Model for the Development of an Analytic Culture in Intensive Multi-weekly Group Psychoanalysis. The Dream in Analytic Group Therapy. Self Psychology in Group Psychotherapy. Editor's Introduction. A Brief Introduction to Self Psychology. Beyond the Dyad: An Evolving Theory of Group Psychotherapy. Toward Optimum Group Placement from the Perspective of the Self or Self-experience. Anger in Group Therapy: A Self Psychological Approach. Working with Intersubjectivity. Conclusion. Researchers, Third Party Payors and the Singular Group Therapist.
Uitgavejaar 2007
ISBN 9780415958431
Verschijningsdatum 13 dec. 2007
Omvang 288
Auteur(s) George Max Saiger Sy Rubenfeld Mary D. Dluhy
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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