Wrist in Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Interdisciplinary Concept

  • B. R. Simmen Norbert Gschwend
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This volume features a comprehensive view of today's surgical therapy of the rheumatoid wrist. Presenting the latest concepts in a lucid manner, it provides surgeons with information crucial for offering patients optimal treatment at any stage of rheumatoid wrist disease. Leading specialists discuss indications for conservative surgical procedures based on the different morphotypes of rheumatoid wrist destruction. Stress is placed on the various operative procedures which offer additional stability to the wrist in spite of ongoing disease such as the Lauenstein-Sauve-Kapandji operation, radio-lunate fusion or other partial radio-carpal or intercarpal fusions. These new concepts have reduced indications for total wrist fusion or total wrist arthroplasty. For the first time, long-term results of wrist arthroplasty utilizing the Wanson silicone spacer and true total wrist prostheses are reported together and a base for the comparison of these two concepts is offered.
Natural history of rheumatoid wrist disease; conservative surgery of the rheumatoid wrist; partial to total wrist arthrodesis in rheumatoid arthritis; arthroplasty of the wrist.
Uitgavejaar 1992
ISBN 9783805555142
Serie Rheumatology
Verschijningsdatum 25 aug. 1992
Omvang 220
Auteur(s) B. R. Simmen Norbert Gschwend
Reeksnummer 17
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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