Written Expression Disorders

  • N. Gregg
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A critical review of the literature on written expression disorders of individuals with learning disabilities. The purpose of the book is to shed light on issues concerning definition, assessment and interaction for individuals with writing disorders. The integrated model of written expression offered draws on the work of cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics and sociolinguistics. The model illustrates the interrelationship between cognitive and affective processing networks that influence the selection and use of linguistics and information structures in producing a written text. Particularly noteworthy aspects of this book are: the emphasis on the role of writing in developing higher mental functions (other texts on writing disorders have placed greater emphasis on lower-order aspects); not only the addition and integration of the sociolinguistic dimension into the model of writing but also the inclusion of guidelines for assessing this dimension; specification of needed research in which both populations and tasks have been carefully defined; and, finally, notice of the importance of a continuum for defining, assessing and treating each component of written expression. This state-of-the-art work on disorders of writing is of interest to both researchers and clinicians concerned with written expression disorders in children and/or adults.
Preface. 1. Integrated Model of Written Expression: an Overview. 2. Spelling Disorders. 3. Written Syntax Disorders. 4. Disorders with Written Text Structure. 5. Motor Disorders. 6. Social Cognition and Written Expression Disorders. Epilogue. Bibliography.
Uitgavejaar 1995
ISBN 9780792333555
Serie Neuropsychology and Cognition
Verschijningsdatum 11 mei 1995
Omvang 147
Editie 1995 ed.
Auteur(s) N. Gregg
Reeksnummer 10
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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